NFALD Grand Prix

2020 — Springfield, MO/US

Tentative Schedule

                Round times may adjust with pairings – we hope to have 30+ minutes between pairings and start times.

Saturday, March 14th (prelim day)

7:00am                 Registration opens, Craig Hall

8:00am                 Round 1 preset

9:45am                 Round 2 preset

11:45am               Round 3

12:45pm               Lunch

1:45pm                 Round 4

3:45pm                 Round 5

5:45pm                 Round 6


Sunday, March 15th (elim day)


8:00am                 Elim 1

10:00am              Elim 2

12:00pm               Elim 3

1:00pm                 Lunch

1:45pm                 Awards

3:00pm                 Elim 4

5:00pm                 Elim 5

7:00pm                 Elim 6 (etc)


Novice will use a double RR format, so rounds 7-10 will happen during the timeslots of Elim 7-10. 

We've released debaters from waitlists up to 8 per school, and may release others depending on division size and numbers.