NOCFL Qualifier and City Championship

2020 — New Orleans, LA/US

Dear New Orleans Coaches,

The time is upon us to get ready for our annual CFL qualifier and City Championship tournament. The full, standard tournament invitation is attached (see the link on the right column). As we prepare for the tournament, here are a couple of notes for this year's tournament:

Congress Schedule: Thursday, March 5 at Newman. Registration begins at 1:30 pm. First Session begins at 2:00 pm. We will have 2 prelim sessions and then a final session. Dinner will be served between the 2nd prelim session and the final. Entry fee for Congress includes dinner for all competitors, coaches, and judges. Because school will be in session when you arrive, please enter through the Henson Auditorium entrance (5333 Danneel St). Specific schedule is in the downloadable invitation. 

Duo Note: Plan for prelims of Duo on Friday and finals on Saturday. The last couple of years, we have been spoiled by an early start on Friday because of schools being empty for Mardi Gras break. This year, we are the next weekend, and schools are in session. Therefore, we will be starting rounds after school lets out. 

State Qualifier: The LHSSL council is now allowing the two CFL qualifying tournaments to also function as a state qualifier. Coaches received an email outlining the guidelines. Please contact me if you have any questions.