Bobcat Bash

2020 — Rexburg, ID/US

Welcome to the Bobcat Bash!

Madison High School is thrilled to announce the 2019 Bobcat Bash January 24th and 25th!

Speech Events* (We will use the IHSAA speech rules)

After Dinner Speaking

Dramatic Interp

Duo Interp

Extemporaneous Speaking

Humorous Interp

Impromptu Speaking

Informative Speaking

Oratorical Analysis

Original Oratory

Panel Discussion

Program of Oral Interpretation

Radio Broadcast Journalism

Retold Story

Sales Speaking

Debate Events* (We will be using the NSDA rules--'tis the season)

Open Big Questions


Novice and Varsity LD

Open Policy

Novice and Varsity Public Forum

Open World Schools Debate

*We will evaluate the status of registration prior to the tournament to see if we have enough entries to warrant holding all events.

In order to make this tournament as feasible as possible for your teams, we are only charging $5 for individual events, $8 for team events, and $15 for World Schools.

***in the event that Madison is not hosting a tournament next year, you'll know we didn't break even, and I got fired.***



We will be hosting the famous Madison Judge's Lounge complete with it's absurdly delicious rolls. We will serve dinner and snacks on Friday and Three Glorious Meals on Saturday. 

Concessions will be available for students. 



Friday, January 24th

1:00-1:45 Registration

1:45-2:15 Judge and Student Meeting

2:30-4:30 Debate Round 1                2:30-5:30 Congress Round 1

4:30-6:30 Debate Round 2                5:45-8:45 Congress Round 2

6:30-8:30 Debate Round 3

Saturday, January 25th

8:00-9:15      Speech Round 1

9:15-10:30    Speech Round 2

10:30-11:45  Speech Round 3

12:00-2:00    Debate Round 4 (Quarters for Policy)     12:00-2:30  Super Congress

2:30-5:00      Debate Quarters/Semis (single flight)

5:00-6:15      Speech Finals

6:30-7:00      Awards Ceremony

7:00-9:00      Debate Finals

World Schools Schedule


2:30-3:30      Round 1--This house supports the global elimination of barriers to free trade.

3:30-4:30      Round 2 Impromptu Round Prep

4:30-5:30      Round 2

5:30-6:30      Round 3--This house supports shortening the presidential election calendar in the United States.

6:30-7:30      Round 4 Impromptu Round Prep

7:30-8:30      Round 4


12:00-1:00    Quarter-Finals--This house would increase immigration quotas in nations with negative population growth.

1:00-2:00     Semi-Finals Impromptu Round Prep

2:00-3:00     Semi-Finals

3:00-4:00     Finals Impromptu Round Prep

4:00-5:00     Finals Round

Congress will use the Blacksnake reverse!

Here is the link to the docket:

(I did swap bills 4 and 5 in order to avoid a single school having half the legislation in Super Congress)

Panel Topics

Round 1: What is the role of local municipalities in response to natural disasters?

Round 2: What approach should be taken in combating the Opioid Epidemic?

Round 3: Is Idaho's "Go On" campaign beneficial or should there be a change of focus?

Final Round: What can be done to mitigate partisan politics at the federal level?