Franklin R Shirley at Wake Forest

2019 — Winston Salem, NC/US

We invite everyone to attend the 2019 Franklin R. Shirley Classic held at Wake Forest.

Some elements to look forward to:

1 - Great Hospitality - Snack tent, six meals provided, We do not anticipate anything more than a very minor increase in fees and are assessing possibilities for lowering them.

2 - Gary Larson run tabroom - We appreciate that Gary has agreed to return to Winston and tabulate on-site.

3 - We are excited that the ADA Fall Championships will happen again this year simultaneously. If there are some debaters who prefer JV and Novice divisions we have debates for you! We will have different tabrooms for each event, but closely follow the same schedule.

4 - Bring the whole squad! Initial caps of 6 teams per squad. We anticipate allowing all who wish to enter to be able to do so. If you wish to bring more than 6 and find yourself in need to buy plane tickets, let us know.

5 - 8 rounds of prelims with doubles.

6 - Poker and Festivities - We think there is sufficient interest to bring back the Shirley Poker Tournament benefiting the Vince Binder Scholarship Fund! We are looking for an experienced poker coordinator to serve as a leader during the event (how many chips to give out, timing on blinds, etc.), please let us know if interested - we can work something out (rounds off, food, etc.) There will be a survivor's party, details tba. 

7. Elim day hotel change! We will be using the EMBASSY SUITES downtown for debate. The event meeting space is superior to the Hawthorne. 

Looking forward!

Justin Green on behalf of Wake Debate