Harvard TEST Tournament

2019 — Cambridge, MA/US

Key Info:

1. Transportation

- Parking is now relatively abundant in Harvard Square in one of the Harvard Garages. The closest one to Sever is the Broadway Garage. You must purchase a pass in advance to park here, however. Follow the instructions at this website (when it asks for your license plate put in RENTAL followed by some random numbers. Everyone's has to be unique. e.g. "RENTAL1934"): https://onedaypermit.vpcs.harvard.edu/cgi-bin/permit/purchase.pl - Register for a visitor pass. When creating an account, select Department: Visitor to Campus, Department Code: 7700. If Broadway is unavailable, I would recommend either the William James lot or the 52 Oxford Street lot. On Sunday, you can park for free on the street, but it can still be difficult to find a spot.

- If you are using Lyft/Uber, the destination should be: 31 Quincy St, Cambridge MA (Double check that the city is Cambridge!!)

2. Internet: Connect to Eduroam if you have it. If not, connect to Harvard University. Go to getonline.harvard.edu. Select "I am a Guest." Then select "Register for Guest Access." Fill in your information (you can make something up) and follow instructions. 

3. Accessibility:

- Sever has an elevator and ramp access on the Quincy St side. Robinson can be accessed via the western door facing the Church. Emerson can be accessed via door next to Quincy St on the backside of the building.

- Emerson has a gender-neutral single-stall restroom on the basement level. Robinson has two marked single-gender single-stall restrooms on the first level. Boylston has gender-neutral restrooms in the basement level as well.

- Tournament Work Room: Sever 113.

4. Schedule:

Saturday, November 2

7:00am: Breakfast & Pairings Released for Rounds 1 and 2

8:00am: Round 1 (Decision Time: 10:15am

10:45am: Round 2 (Decision Time: 1:00pm)

12:30pm: Lunch

2:05pm: Round 3 (Pairing Released 1:20pm; Decision Time: 4:20pm)

5:15pm: Round 4 (Pairing Released 4:30pm; Decision Time: 7:30pm)


Sunday, November 3

7:00am: Breakfast & Pairing Released for Round 5

8:00am: Round 5 (Decision Time: 10:15am)

11:15am: Round 6 (Pairing Released 10:30am; Decision Time: 1:30pm)

1:00pm: Lunch

2:30pm: Round 7 (Pairing Released 1:45pm; Decision Time: 4:45pm)

4:45pm: Snack

5:45pm: Round 8 (Pairing Released 5:00pm; Decision Time: 8:00pm)

8:45pm: Banquet and Awards


Monday, November 4

7:00am: Octafinal pairing released. Breakfast for participants.

8:00am: Octafinals (Decision Time: 10:45a)

11:30am: Quarterfinals (Decision Time: 2:15pm)

3:00pm: Semifinals (Decision Time: 5:45pm)

6:30pm: Finals (Decision Time: 9:15pm)