CFL PolicyParli State Quals Leland

2019 — CA/US

CFL State Qualifier Tournament--Policy Debate and Parliamentary Debate


Leland High School

6677 Camden Ave, San Jose, CA 95120


March 1-2, 2019


Policy: The United States Federal Government should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal immigration to the United States.

Parli Topic Areas:

Round 3: Chinese Foreign Policy

Round 4: Economic Agenda of the Democratic Party

Costs (per Article XI Section 3 of CFL Bylaws):

Entry Fees: $21 per student

Nuisance Fees:

Drops after drop deadline: $21 per dropped entry

Drops less than 24 hours before the tournament: $52 per entry

[after tournament has been paneled]

Judge Requirements (per the CFL Board Manual Article XXVI):

1 judge for every 2 students

Important Dates:

February 1, 2019: Registration opens

February 22, 2019: Registration closes (entries due)

February 28, 2019: Judges due, drops due, nuisance fines apply

UPDATE School Room Information:

J2/GBA - Parli Prep

Cafeteria - Student Room

J5 - Registration for Coaches

Media Center - Judges


During the tournament, the help line is (530)492-0235. Please call or text this line if issues arise.



Additional Notes:

-The school’s tabroom representative must have the medical consent forms for their students available at all times.

Per Article XXIII Section 5.E, schools that do not have these consent forms will be dropped from the tournament, no exceptions.

-Registration for this tournament will follow the following rules per Article XIV Section 4.A:

3.Eligible contestants shall have had at least one varsity win in a CFL competition during the current season. One entry per event from each school may enter without a varsity win in each qualifier. Debaters who were undefeated in a CFL preliminary tournament shall be awarded a wild card. Those debaters given wild-card entries do not count against the school limit. Debate teams shall receive their wild card as a team.

4. In the weekend that includes the state qualifier for LD, each school may enter nine students plus wild-cards entries that may be divided between the two events at the coach's discretion. In the other weekend, each school may enter twelve students plus wild-card entries that may be divided between the two events at the coach’s discretion.

-This tournament uses electronic balloting

As such, every judge must have a linked Tabroom account and an electronic device prior to the start of the tournament.

It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that their judges have Tabroom accounts that are linked.


Schedule [Rounds are subject to be moved forward if time permits]:

Friday, March 1, 2019:

Check-in: 4:30-5:00pm

Schools not checked in by 5:00pm by their legal chaperone, in person, will be dropped from the tournament.

Judge Instructions: 5:15-5:30

Round 1 Ballots Released 5:15


Round 1: 5:30pm Round 1 must start

Parli - Flight A Topic announce: 5:20


Round 2: 7:30pm Rounds must start!

Parli - Flight A Topic announce: 7:20




Saturday March 2, 2019:

Judge Instructions: 8:45-9:00

Round 3 Ballots Released 8:45


Round 3: 9:00 Round 3 nust start!

Parli - Flight A Topic announce: 8:50


Round 4:  11:00 Round 4 must start!

Parli - Flight A Topic announce: 10:50

----Lunch---Students and Judges must remain on campus-----

Round 5: 1:30

Parli - Flight A Topic announce: 1:20


Elimination Round 1 (If necessary): 3:30

Elimination Round 2 (If necessary): 5:30


Awards Follow as Soon As Possible!!