CFL Congress 3 Mitty

2019 — CA/US
Important Information about Congress 3 @ Archbishop Mitty HS, Thursday, January 31, 2019
Registration/ Legislation:
  • Legislation is due to me on Wednesday, January 9nd at 6:00 pm, via email: (Word.doc format preferable).
  • Please send one email with your school's piece(s) of legislation (state priorities if submitting multiple bills). I will likely include one from every school that submits one. It's unlikely any school will author more than two in the packet unless space provides.
  • You may enter 1-3 students per school to the Senate. If we have fewer than 11, we will roll the chamber into the Houses. I will try to keep chamber sizes smaller due to the shorter sessions. Recognize that State Quals will mandate larger chambers.


  • Judges must bring an electronic device (tablet or laptop preferably)/ have a linked Tabroom account to enter their ballots. 
  • Beyond Tabroom setups, please inform your judges about the event, how rankings are made, how to provide constructive feedback. Judges should write some comments to each speaker, including areas for improvement. Judges also rank the PO as a speaker based on how well they conducted the round.
  • Schools must provide 1 judge for every 8 competitors. You may enter them in the House or Senate, but do not enter in the Senate if their child is also in the Senate.


  • 5000 Mitty Way, San Jose, California 95129.
  • Tab and judges report to the Monarch Room.
  • Competition Rooms- 400 wing.
  • Student food for purchase in Power Courtyard (outside of the 400 wing).
  • Enter the school from the front or West lot. A map is attached.
  • Wifi: (mitty guest) login: amhs /password: 50th


Registration 3:50 pm - 4:30 pm (Judges/ Coaches meet in the Monarch Room)

Round 1 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm    (no break)

Dinner Break 6:00 pm - 6:40 pm (Judge food served in Monarch Room/ student food in Power Courtyard)

Round 2 6:40 pm - 8:15 pm    (no break)

Awards 8:30 pm (Foyer or Library)