Alta Silver and Black Invitational

2019 — Sandy, Utah, UT/US
Field in PF
71 entries
School Locale Entry Code Status
BASIS Peoria HS AZ/US Lal & Parau BASPeo LP In
BASIS Peoria HS AZ/US Saravanan & Sekandari BASPeo SS In
BASIS Scottsdale HS AZ/US Wahal & Wang BASSco WW In
Bingham HS UT/US Pilling & Howell Bingha HP In
Brophy College Prep AZ/US Shah & Kalra Bro SK In
Canyon (Carmel Valley) CA/US Hegde & Gross Can(Ca HG In
Canyon (Carmel Valley) CA/US Nasar & Gupta Can(Ca NG In
Canyon (Carmel Valley) CA/US Zhang & An Can(Ca ZA In
Copper Hills HS UT/US Nielsen & Beckstead CopHil NB In
Copper Hills HS UT/US Oliveros & Franco CopHil OF In
Copper Hills HS UT/US Rivetti & Mortensen CopHil RM1 In
Copper Hills HS UT/US Silimon & Rodriguez CopHil SR In
Coronado HS NV/US Beach & Spencer Corona BS In
Coronado HS NV/US Winterton & Kyle Corona WK In
Davis HS UT/US Downs & Copa Davis DC In
Davis HS UT/US Nebeker & Smith Davis NS In
Eagle HS ID/ Araki & Gorman Eagle AG In
Elkins High School TX/US Hasib & Zaheer Elkins HZ In
Fairmont Prep CA/US Cresap & Bobrownicki FaiPre CB In
Fairmont Prep CA/US Gumlia & Alamy FaiPre GA In
Fort Collins HS CO/ O'Hare & Christi ForCol OC In
George Washington HS CO/US Drewes & Stratton GeoWas DS In
George Washington HS CO/US Holleman & Rex GeoWas HR In
George Washington HS CO/US Piturro & Clarke GeoWas PC In
Green Canyon High School UT/ Craner & Pence GreCan CP In
Green Canyon High School UT/ Weight & Ivans GreCan WI In
Hamilton Independent AZ/US Mukherjee & Pejavar HamInd MP In
Hamilton Independent AZ/US Panda & Shakir HamInd PS In
Highland High School ID/US Nield & Sarkar Highla NS In
Highland High School ID/US Vreeland & Johnston Highla VJ In
Idaho Falls High School ID/ Anderson & Hampton IdaFal AH In
Interlake HS WA/US Huang & Zheng Interl HZ In
Interlake HS WA/US Lu & Wood Interl LW In
Interlake HS WA/US Sinha & Kamkolkar Interl SK In
Jackson Hole HS WY/US Hansen & Harmon JacHol HH In
Johns Creek High School GA/US Biswas & Gowda JohCre BG In
Juan Diego Catholic High School UT/US Cutshall & Portman JuaDie CP In
Mission San Jose Independent CA/US Dalmia & Dalmia MisSan DD In
Park City UT/US Aldous & O'Reilly ParCit AO In
Park City UT/US Allison & Engel ParCit EA In
Park City UT/US Efrusy & Perret ParCit EP In
Park City UT/US Goodman & O'Brien ParCit GO In
Park City UT/US Gladson & Waldmann ParCit GW In
Park City UT/US Lowsma & MacRitchie ParCit LM In
Park City UT/US Best & O'Brien ParCit OB In
Rock Springs WY/US Bae & Thompson RocSpr BT In
Rock Springs WY/US Rodriguez & May RocSpr RM In
Rock Springs WY/US Shuler & Yeshlur RocSpr SY In
Rowland Hall UT/US Agarwal & Sheinberg RowHal AS In
Rowland Hall UT/US Houden & Barbanell RowHal BH In
Rowland Hall UT/US Bahna & Wall RowHal BW In
Rowland Hall UT/US Saffarian & Stevens RowHal SS In
SLC West HS UT/US Agarwal & Goodman SLCWes AG In
SLC West HS UT/US Agarwal & Young SLCWes AY In
SLC West HS UT/US Liu & Dagar SLCWes LD In
SLC West HS UT/US Oommen & Taussky SLCWes OT In
Salem Hills HS UT/US Engle & Smith SalHil ES In
Sky View UT/ Apgood & Harris SkyVie AH In
Sky View UT/ Mayers & Larsen SkyVie ML In
Skyline UT/US Anandh & Burke Skylin AB In
Skyline UT/US Cheatham & Valero Skylin CV In
Summit Academy HS UT/US Ford & Pan Summit FP In
The Cambridge School CA/US Tianshi & Jackman Cambri JT In
The Davidson Academy Of Nevada NV/ Korver & Contine DavAca KC In
The Quarry Lane School CA/US goel & Nellian QuaLan GN In
The Quarry Lane School CA/US Jain & Sen QuaLan JS In
Torrey Pines High School CA/US Feng & Li TorPin FL In
University Independent CA/US Gupta & Moudgalya UniInd GM In
Valley Oak CA/US Le & Velasquez ValOak LV In
Vikings Independent CA/US Grossman & Tran-Mihail VikInd GT In
Vikings Independent CA/US Zou & Pozil VikInd PZ In