Holy Redeemer Redeem Yourself Tournament

2019 — PA/US

Original Poetry

Abbreviation: OPOE
Type: Speech
Entry Fee: $8.00
Entry: 1 people per entry

Event Description:

Original Poetry

Original Poetry has a time limit of 10 minutes, including a required introduction to provide context. There is no minimum time.

The poetry must be the original composition of the student presenting.. Plagiarism of poems from outside sources will result in disqualification.

Students are permitted the use of a binder, but may opt to keep their hands free, if they choose.

Poems may be on any subject matter, but students should make sound judgements about content or language that may cause offense or be perceived to be inappropriate. Appropriateness of content and/or language is at the discretion of the judge.

Judging Criteria: As with any speech event, Original Poetry is subjective. However, here are some of the notes on the ballots, so that students know what their judges are looking for:

Diction/Vocal and Physical Delivery: presentation, posture, and physical presentation — do these enhance or detract from the performance?

Character, voice, and gimmicks — are these used well, supporting the overall message without getting distracting?

Language, poetic voice — Do the poems present an intent or theme, or are they at least sufficiently entertaining? Does the language accomplish the intent ascribed in the introduction?