Holy Redeemer Redeem Yourself Tournament

2019 — PA/US

News Broadcasting

Abbreviation: NB
Type: Speech
Entry Fee: $16.00
Entry Limit Per School: 6
Entry: 2 people per entry

Event Description:

The basic concept is a pair of students presenting news to the room in an ‘anchor style.’

Timing: The event length is 3 minutes long with a 15 second grace period on either side. That means presentations should be between 2:45 and 3:15.

Student Creations: PHSSL requires participants to write and perform three different news broadcasts, but we here at Redeem Yourself only require that students write one script for all three preliminary rounds. For preliminary rounds, students write a 3 minute National news script with news from the date 2 weeks before our tournament, which means Saturday March 24th students can begin. The script is a back-and-forth for both partners, including an introduction with a ‘station’ and greeting. For example:

Jes:   “Good morning, Holy Redeemer, I’m Jes Niemiec.

Mike:  And I’m Mike Wolfkiel of RY101 - the station of the tournament.”

Fabrication of news stories is prohibited and can result in disqualification from the tournament.

News can be serious or light, or a mix of both.

Scripts are not memorized, students are permitted to bring full scripts or notes to round.

In finals, students will be handed a 5 minute script and 20 minutes of prep time to cut the script into a usable length. The students will add their introduction to the beginning and distribute the news given among the two partners at their discretion. Pronunciation guides are permitted.  Internet-based research on pronunciation is permitted, but we cannot ensure wifi access.

Judging criteria: As with any speech and debate event News Broadcasting is subjective. However, here are some questions that are on the ballots, so that your students know what their judges are looking for:

On-Air Projection: Do the speakers project enthusiasm, confidence and adaptability?
Vocal Characteristics: Does the speakers effectively use a variety of pitch, rate and stress? Is there a quality in the speakers’ voices suitable for broadcast?

Techniques: Are the speakers effective in breath control, script handling and projection?

Reading Techniques: Are the speakers accurate in pronunciation? Do the speakers effectively read the copy, giving it the feel of an actual broadcast?


Overall Effect: Did the speakers present an effective and clear broadcast?