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2018 — PA/US
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Date Thu, Jan 11, 2018 at 5:47 AM

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As of this morning - 439 students are scheduled to compete this weekend. Yay! See numbers below.

Yes. I have seen the weather forecast. I have had quite a few emails on the subject. I'm hoping that your schools will wait till Friday afternoon to make decisions. Please let me know if you must cancel as soon as you know.  We don't "lose" money because we don't charge you an entrance fee - but I would rather not have to eat 10 million Chick Fil A sandwiches next week.  

Most of you know me pretty well, and if I had my way, we would have nine rounds on Saturdays and the kids would go home too exhausted to do anything else that weekend. (I like keeping kids busy with this activity).  I am already thinking of contingency plans if we must cancel because too many of you drop and we have to cancel.  

I am hoping that this storm doesn't play out.  It's a "watch" and not a "warning." Right now... 


Next - I want to write to you all about the Big Questions Debate thing that we did.  Two days before the Christmas break, after school, we had 125 North Allegheny students debate three rounds.  Even my drama kids, who were almost apoplectic that I was making them do this.  They were allowed to compete as pairs or as singles.  We had one meeting the week before to talk about the format of the debate and to discuss the topic of the debate.  Each student was required to also judge at least two rounds.  We used the third floor of our building.  We started at 3 pm.  I didn't even schedule ANYTHING.  I gave MY rules for competing - which were - "You cannot debate the same person twice. You can only use the same judge twice if no one else is available. Go."  Because I gave the requirement that each kid must judge twice, and many of the kids were paired up to debate, most students debated four times.  Classroom doors were not permitted to be closed because there wasn't an adult in each room.  And I had two parents walking around to confirm that doors were open.  We finished by 8 pm and that was with a quick stop for a pizza dinner.  The drama kids? They loved it.

The NSDA sent us a check for more than $3000.  I honestly don't know why every school in our area isn't doing this.  Teachers said to me, "If we had known that you were doing this, we would have given this as an assignment to our kids!" I'm kicking myself because it would have meant so much more money.  

Seriously - think about doing this with your schools!!!  All I did was record the wins / losses in a spreadsheet - and GIVE THE KIDS NSDA POINTS!!! For both judging and competing.  Even though it was just NA vs NA - they told us that we could give NSDA points!!! I even called to confirm that this was allowed!!!


Big Questions Debate 2
Congress 55
Drama 15
Duo 14
Humor 23
International Extemp 18
LD 41
NSDA Informative 7
Oratory 33
PF 51
Parli 7
Poetry and Prose 62
Policy 4
Program Oral Interpretation 4
United States Extemp 20


All Registrants of North Allegheny Speech and Debate