North Allegheny Speech and Debate

2018 — PA/US
Subject: Get ready!
Sender Sharon Volpe
Recipients All Registrants of North Allegheny Speech and Debate
Date Wed, Jan 10, 2018 at 4:51 AM

Text of message:

I try to emphasize this every year at our tournament - 

I strongly believe that the tournaments during the regular season are training sessions for both the students AND the adults.  We should not only be tolerant of innocent mistakes, but we should try to help all of those who are  involved with this activity have a positive experience.   

With that written - I am getting older. I once loved change and excitement. The crazier things were, the better. But now, I am nervous about it.  This tournament is bringing a big change.  It will make some of us nervous - but it will help dramatically if we approach it with a positive attitude.

We are going to do an almost paperless tournament.  Even the speech ballots will all be online.  

Please ask your judges to bring laptops.  Online ballots can also be done on smart phones, but laptops are significantly easier.   I have a few laptops to let people use at the high school for speech / congress, but none at the intermediate school for debate. 

Please make sure that all of our judges have tabroom accounts that include their cell numbers.  I will have people at both buildings who can help you with this as soon as you enter if you do not know how to do link your judges accounts to your school.  If you want instructions in advance because you can't figure this out, email me at

We would also like to move some of the judges over from speech to debate. If you have any judges who are capable of judging debate and are currently in speech, please move them over into debate and then let me know.

Remember that the quota for judges at our tournament is higher than at other tournaments.  

Going paperless means that we do not need as many people in tab as we usually need.  As soon as I receive my lists from Beth and Ben on who is working in tab, I will notify those people.  

I promise to do all that I can to make these changes as positive as I can for all involved. 

All Registrants of North Allegheny Speech and Debate