Wayne State George W Ziegelmueller Invitational

2017 — Detroit, MI/US
Subject: Schedule change and other notes
Sender Kelly Young
Recipients All Registrants of Wayne State George W Ziegelmueller Invitational
Date Fri, Oct 20, 2017 at 3:34 PM

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Hello all -- 

1. Please email me (kel1773@msn.com) or text (313-318-6328) to let me know that you have arrived today or if you are arriving tomorrow, let me know if there are no changes.

2. We will change the schedule. We are moving up lunch time, but to accommodate one vendor tomorrow, we need to start 30 minutes later. We will still release pairings Sunday at 7:30 and round 5 at 8:30. So, here's the revised schedule:


8 am pairing relased

9 am Rd 1 start time


12:30 Rd 2 start time

3:30 Rd 3 start time


7:00 Rd 4 start time



7:30 am Pairings released

8:30 am Rd 5 begins


12:00 Rd 6 start time

3:00 Rd 7 start time



7:30 Open partial octa, JV semis, novice final


Monday: (REMINDER, These rounds are at the WSU Student Center on campus)

7:30 pairings released

8:30 Open Quarters, JV finals begin

All subsequent rounds will follow as soon as possible.


3. Assuming there are no late drops, WSU will have a rotating team entered to eliminate the bye in Open. The team will feature a randomly assigned mix of students. For each round they will be:

Round 1 -- Kristina Curtiss / Doug Husic

Round 2 -- Jenny Anton/ Katrail Davis  

Round 3 -- Brandon Reynolds/ Doug Husic  

Round 4 -- Kristina C/ Jenny A

Round 5 -- Kristina C/ Doug H 

Round 6 -- Brandon R/ Jenny A  

Round 7 -- Jake Maxey/ Doug H

All Registrants of Wayne State George W Ziegelmueller Invitational