Wayne State George W Ziegelmueller Invitational

2017 — Detroit, MI/US
Subject: Ziggy Tournament Updates
Sender Kelly Young
Recipients All Registrants of Wayne State George W Ziegelmueller Invitational
Date Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 9:30 PM

Text of message:

Hello all -- 

A few items before Saturday:

1. Parking for Saturday/Sunday -- if you have a car or mini van, you can park in Structure #2 (http://maps.wayne.edu/view/#structure2) , which is located immediately north of Manoogian Hall. If you have a larger van or mini-bus, please use Lot 50 (http://maps.wayne.edu/view/#lot-50) , which is a gravel lot, located on Warren Avenue, across the Lodge Freeway from Manoogian. 

Saturday morning, before you head to Structure 2 or Lot 50, stop at Manoogian and find me located in front of the Main floor elevators -- I will give you single-use parking cards for 3 days. Then you can go park your vehicles.

There is some construction happening in front of Structure 2. It shouldn't really affect us except for walking from the structure to the Student Center on Monday morning. You have to walk out the north end of the parking structure to get to a sidewalk that will allow you to cross Anthony Wayne to walk over to the Student Center.

2. Number of Elims/Teams clearing/JV-Novice: We will collapse JV and Novice based on my conversation with the affected coaches. I will have a break out novice final. We'll have a final in JV.

In open, with our current numbers and being bound by ADA rules, we will clear 10 teams, which is a partial Octas Sunday evening + JV finals. Quarters on will be Monday morning at the WSU Student Center.

3. Registration -- we will have no physical registration. Please email me (kel1773@msn.com) or text (313-318-6328) on Friday to let me know that your in town. I'll be in front of the Manoogian Main Floor/Floor 1 elevators to collect registration payment.

4. Prefs -- they should be on now. Please complete by 3 pm Friday.

5. Tournament packet, campus maps, and food recommendations -- http://www.wsuforensics.org/tournaments.htm. There's a lot of food options within short distance of the Holiday Inn Express.

6. Meals -- we will provide lunch and dinner Saturday and Sunday night and light snacks. The Holiday Inn provides a breakfast, so please take advantage of that. 

7. Please discuss with your students and staff at some point that they should be careful with their personal items and laptops while on campus. They should try to take their valuables with them between rounds. This is especially true in the Student Center on Monday. We have had very few problems over the last 12 years, but the high-volume of traffic in the Student Center can make items walk off. 

I believe that is everything for now. Safe travels and contact me Friday to confirm you're set.



All Registrants of Wayne State George W Ziegelmueller Invitational