La Costa Canyon Winter Classic

2019 — Carlsbad, CA/US
Subject Prefs open - close Thursday night at midnight (12:00 AM Friday 12/13)
Sender Scott Wheeler
Recipients All Registered Schools
Sent Monday 9 December 2019 at 10:21 AM
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Prefs are open for the La Costa tournament. Please enter them by Thursday night at midnight (12 AM Fri 12/13). We are using ordinal prefs--1 is best. Email me if you have questions about it.

Conflicts are recorded separately. Please make sure they are all entered and correct. Conflicts are people with relations with or whom a third party could reasonably infer would be partial "towards" your team/institution. Judges you don't like should not be conflicted but rather be rated low enough that you're unlikely to get them. Gaming the system could result in your prefs being removed.

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