Sheridan Yellow Jacket Tournament

2019 — Sheridan, AR/US
Subject Extemp Topics
Sender Twyla Evans
Recipients All Registered Schools With Entries
Sent Friday 13 September 2019 at 4:00 PM
Text of message

Here you go!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Domestic Topic Areas


Free Speech

End use of nuclear weapons

Democratic primary field

Bernie 2020

Gun control legislation

US Economy

Trump Impeachment

Immigration 2020

Trump tax returns

CA police and lethal force

GOP primary

Democratic Party and 2020

Vaping and lung cancer

Domestic terrorism

Trade war and US economy


Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide

INF treaty and nuclear defense

Planned Parenthood and Title X

Mass shootings and US economy

Endangered Species Act and enviro

Julian Castro

Afghan troop withdrawal and 2020


International Topic Areas


US/Taliban peace talks

Democracy in Kyrgyzstan

Islamic State activity in Turkey

Boris Johnson and no-deal Brexit

Chinese influence on Taiwan elections

US/Pakistan relations

Iranian navy and Persian Gulf

US/China trade war and global economy

Justin Trudeau

ISIS in Europe

Women’s rights in Saudi Arabia

Sudan peace agreement

Rising sea levels

Zimbabwean economy

India and Kashmir autonomy

Hong Kong civil unrest

Putin’s repressive tactics and opposition

American sanction and Venezuelan econ

Huawei international image

South Korea/Japan relations

Muslims and Uighurs in China

Ethiopian ethnic separatists

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