Loveland Drums of War Invitational

2019 — Loveland, CO/US
Subject Aftermath: Loveland DoW invitational - Nov 2nd
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Sent Sunday 3 November 2019 at 11:49 AM
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Hello Coaches,


Thanks for coming to our first varsity tournament of the season.  Here are the links to the congress speech points since that isn't obvious in Tabroom that thinks ranks are more important.  if you had a debater with a bye, it doesn't look like it auto-posted those correctly, but everything else seems to be accurate including congress where it added the points for each round.

Congress A speech scores

Congress B speech scores


Hopefully, your students had a good time.  We enjoyed having you all at the tournament.  Thank you to all you that assisted in judging, helping and telling me not to panic repeatedly.  Super thanks to Seth and Angela who ran the tournament in Tabroom and Dan and Jen who had the Judges' table.  We had a couple of issues that I will make sure to resolve for next time, but we got out only 60 minutes late which was good from my perspective. Some of them were due to this being the first varsity tournament, double flights that were delayed as we searched for competitors and rooms with two doors.


Thank you,




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