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2019 — Wayzata, MN/US
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Good Morning:

Final information regarding the MDTA Jamboree at Wayzata High School this Saturday.


1: Arrival + Parking.  Buses should park on the north side of the building.  Students and coaches should enter Wayzata High School through the Commons doors on the north side of the building - please be sure to enter the doors that are marked "Scholar" - the lunchroom is in those doors, which will also be the student hangout area and registration.  Cars should park on the south side of the building and drivers should enter through the main entrance by the flagpole (again marked "Scholar"..  Make sure you enter the correct door; Wayzata is a mini-city and if you enter the wrong door, you may never get to the cafeteria.  Here's a picture that illustrates where you and your drivers should go: 

2: Maps. We won't have any printed - given it's mini-city status, a Wayzata building map takes up about four pages.  We will work to get a map posted on shortly.  We will have some maps strategically posted in a few locations as well.

3: Judge Training Sessions. We will have judge training sessions during the Round 1 timeblock for each debate event (except Congress).  You can instruct your newer judges wanting training to go to the following locations:

Lincoln-Douglas Judge Training (Des Niemann): C217
Public Forum Judge Training (Katie Scholz): C218
Policy Judge Training (Rachel Baumann): C219

CRITICAL NOTE: IF YOU ARE USING ONE OF YOUR OBLIGATED JUDGES TO ATTEND A TRAINING, YOU MUST PUT IN THEIR JUDGE NOTES THAT THEY NEED TO BE TRAINED SO THAT THEY DO NOT GET PAIRED FOR ROUND 1.  In addition, it is important that you cover your V/JV judge obligations with judges not needing to be trained so that we have enough to pair round 1.

4: Novice Observation Rounds.  We will have an observation round for all LD, PF, and policy novices round 1, and a workshop for the same novices round 2.  Registered novice LD and PF debaters will debate rounds 3-5; policy is doing it's own thing, but Jake Swede has been in contact and is coordinating with the policy community.  All Congress contestants will have a brief "Introduction to Congress" lecture at the beginning of the day as well.

To ensure our newer debaters and and all Congress contestants are in the right spot, please let them know to report to the following rooms on Saturday by 9:00 a.m. sharp:

LD Novice Demonstration Round/Workshop (Andrew Urevig): Media Center
PF Novice Demonstration Round/Workshop (Tom Fones and Todd Hering): B204
Policy (all division) Novice Demonstration Round/Workshop (Jake Swede/Alix DeMarre): B403
Congress (all divisions) Lecture (Ross Eichele): Auditorium 2


5. Registration Updates.  I am hopeful that coaches can continue making drops and adding judges as soon as humanly possible when you know them.  We're even bigger than last year..  We're doing our best to take names off of the waitlist.  It is critical you enter missing judges; we are going to be exceptionally tight, so if you are short, we will have to ask which entries you are removing on Saturday morning so that we can pair Round 1.


6. Saturday Morning Registration

NEW THIS YEAR: We would like all head coaches to report to the tab room (new location - room C208) at 8:30 to confirm that their registrations are correct.    DJ and I will be there at approximately 8:05 to handle issues as they present themselves.

The website will allow you to make drops until 8:15 a.m. (adds are if you need to add).  Or, you can text me at 952-201-0201 and I will take care of drops and changes for you.  With luck, everyone can get themselves registered / have head coaches in the tab room at 8:30 a.m. so we can get everyone where they need to be for the Round 1 timeblock.


Questions?  Email us at and  Zach's cell phone number for the day of the tournament is 952-201-0201 (TEXT PREFERRED).


We're thankful that the Minnesota Debate Teachers Association is subsidizing this tournament to allow your novices to compete for free and that so many MDTA members are volunteering to work with novice students and train new judges in this large-scale event.  Thanks to those that continue to be a supporting part of the organization; your membership truly helps to make this event happen.

Zach and DJ.

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