WACFL LD5 Speech5 Congress5 is CANCELLED

2019 — Stephen's City, VA, VA/US
Subject: WACFL IS Cancelled as of 3:20pm
Sender Roland Burdett
Recipients All Registrants of WACFL LD5 Speech5 Congress5
Date 1 February 2019 3:24 PM

Text of message:

Hi Everyone,

This update is as of 3:20pm.  This will be last update.

I'm sorry to say that we ARE CANCELLING the WACFL Tournament for 2/02.  Repeat, the WACFL Tournament on 2/02 IS Cancelled.   

Thank you to everyone who tried to host us.  We appreciate your efforts.  The school systems are worried about icing in the morning and expecting to cancel morning activities and transportation.  Even though it's going to be 40 degrees by the afternoon, they are not comfortable with the kids on the roads in the morning.  We even looked at a delayed start and couldn't make it work within the expected time availability.

We will send out info on Additional Qualifiers & Call-Ups for Speech & LD Debate for Finals.  

We will be able to get in make-up Congress Tournaments.  The Congress Tournament of 2/02 will slide down to 2/09.  The Congress Tournament on 2/09 will slide down to 2/16.  We will use tomorrow's topics on 2/09, and we will use the topics just posted on 2/16.  We will update everything in Tabroom tomorrow so you can update registration.

Thanks again for your patience.

Roland Burdett & Roberta Hyland

All Registrants of WACFL LD5 Speech5 Congress5