Oliver Smith Paradigm

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I competed for American Leadership Academy in PF for four years, and I am now in my sophomore year of college at UVU.


Warrant your evidence well, especially if you are a fast speaker. I can't vote on things I can't hear/understand.

I know this is unorthodox in PF, but I enjoy a good framework debate.

Unless you have a good reason please stand while you are speaking, if you decide to speak while sitting, I will dock speaker points.

I expect all the participants in the round to know how to argue without quarreling, how to quarrel without suspecting, how to suspect without slandering etc.

If you are going to pre flow, make sure you do it before. I won't delay the round for you.

Time yourselves.

I am okay with off time roadmaps as long as they are brief.


I appreciate creative cases and frameworks if they are well-executed. I won't vote on it, but it could get you some extra speaker points.

Creative Framework=anything other than Cost Ben

You can speak as quickly as you need, just make sure your taglines are clear so I can get them in my flow.

Signpost! Signpost! Signpost! Make sure you always clearly describe where you are in the flow.

Summary/Final Focus

Copied from the rules of PF.

Summary Speeches: "New evidence, but no new arguments may be presented, except responses (refutation)."

Final Focus: "no new arguments may be presented; however, new evidence may be introduced to support an argument made earlier in the debate."

The Final Focus speech should write my ballot for me. Don't spend more than 30 seconds talking about the flow, instead stick to broad arguments that you feel define the round.


I sporadically pay attention during crossfire, and I don't flow it. So, if you feel something important was said make sure to bring it up in a speech

Be respectful.

Ask real questions and refrain from making statements.

Speaker points

I generally give twenty-seven's to the losing team and twenty-eights to the winners. If you want to get more, do the following things.

Creative Strategy.

Warrants and Sign Posting.

Referencing Vines/Memes (Levity is nice in a debate round.)

Speaking with clarity.

A Guide to my facial expressions

Face in my notebook/computer= I understand what you are saying, and I am recording it.

Looking up, pen in hand=you are saying something interesting and I want to fully understand it.

Pen down, arms folded=you are saying something confusing or wrong.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Red Rock Classic 12/20/2019 LD R4 AD Lane Lindstrom AD Aaron Johnson Neg
Red Rock Classic 12/20/2019 LD R3 AB Ty Martinez AD Joshua Abbott Neg
Red Rock Classic 12/20/2019 LD R2 AD Trenton Pope AC Brittany Simon Aff
Region 10 Tournament 2/23/2019 CX R3 204 202 Neg
Region 10 Tournament 2/23/2019 PF R2 301 303 Neg
Region 10 Tournament 2/23/2019 CX R1 200 204 Aff
NCFL 2019 Salt Lake Diocese 2/15/2019 PF R4 AB Shah & Sun AP Anderson & Jeppsen Aff
Copper Classic 1/18/2019 OPF Double Summit BE Bonneville CP Neg Neg on a 2-1
Copper Classic 1/18/2019 OPF R6 Logan GG Park City OE Neg
Copper Classic 1/18/2019 OPF R6 Green Canyon SP Park City WE Aff
Skyhawk Smackdown 11/16/2018 NCX R3 Skylin Moore & Beesley LonPea King & Delano Aff
Skyhawk Smackdown 11/16/2018 OCX R1 Rivert Hardy & Hutchings Skylin Feinauer & Simpson Neg
Beehive Bonanza 10/5/2018 NPF Round Jordan Sorensen & Bettinson Parker Juan & Byron Neg