Nick Weir Paradigm

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I debated for 5 years on both the Local/National level (2012-2017) for Saint Thomas Academy, a small school in Minnesota. I was never super successful at a debater, but held my own in rounds with top debaters. That being said I haven’t debated in awhile so I’m sure my flowing/understanding of speed has regressed. If you’re going too fast for me, but you’re still being clear i’ll say slow. However, if you’re being unclear i’ll say clear once and then after that im docking speaks.

IMPORTANT: Debate was a really fun, educational space for me. Because of this I will make a major effort to be as inclusive as I can be of all arguments and styles (besides morally reprehensible arguments). Additionally, if I ever see a debater attempting to run someone out of a round (like for example a debater with bids going top speed against a novice) I will be really upset, and if it’s egregious I will drop you. Bottom Line is that I want you to give the other person the respect and dignity they deserve as a human being. We’re all trying to learn, get better, and have fun. Too many people are pushed out of this activity, and as a community we need to step and do better.

LARP: I’m good with pretty much all policy style arguments, but that being said if you go too technical you have a chance of losing me.

Critical: If you need a more in depth explanation on this check Nick Smith’s paradigm. But the basics are I enjoy good critical debate, but really prefer original, creative, and topical positions (easiest way to get good speaks if done well). I will vote for non-topical Affs, but have a high threshold for Affs that aren’t even loosely topical. Explaining your alternative is going to be very key for me to vote on this style of argument. I think High theory can be really cool and interesting, but I am really not well read on this type of debate and will need in depth explanations.

I enjoy a good T debate with layering, and weighing, but I think it is oftenly sort of just thrown in these days as an extra layer to just bog down the opponent. Feel free to go as technical as you would like on this type of debate, but develop your arguments and don't blip storm. This was the style I was best at, and I think I understand technical arguments very well. If you’re trying to use this strategy to circumvent the debate just know im gunna have a hard time voting for that. That being said I have seen a bunch of high level theory debates that engage and weigh extremely well. I realize that a lot of theory debate is just recycled, and will know if you’re just reading from a back-file. I’d much rather prefer shells that are tailored to what is going on in the round. Im default competing interps/drop the arg/RVIs, but can be persuaded. If the abuse story is weak, i’ll probably give more weight to the other debater’s args. Don’t do a blip storm or any arguments that are one sentence and win you the round. That doesn’t show that you are the better debater. If I don't flow a warrant Im not voting on it.

Phil: I understand all stock frameworks, but am not extremely well read in Philosophy. Give me clear warrants, and explanations and you'll do well in this style of debate. Also, tell me how you want me to evaluate the round whether that is VC, ROB, etc. Please don't go for the value debate.

I will strong default to comparative worlds, but can be persuaded with well warranted and clear explanations.

Disclosure: Early in my career I wasn’t down to disclose at all, but Bennett Eckert showed me the light, and I share very similar opinions to him. It would be a uphill battle to convince me not to vote on disclosure theory unless 1) They didn’t disclose either 2) and it’s being used against an obviously less experienced debater. “The affirmative must tell the negative what the aff is before the debate, unless it is a new aff. If it is a new aff, the affirmative does not have to tell the negative what the aff is/what the advantages are/what the advocacy text is/anything. All they need to say is 'new aff.'" ~ Varad Agarwala. If your team policy requires non-disclosure please don’t pref me, and even consider striking me.

Things I wont vote on:
Morally reprehensible args
Args that attack other debater personally

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Peninsula Invitational 1/19/2018 LD Octo Servite PA Immaculate Heart LM Aff Aff on a 2-1
Peninsula Invitational 1/19/2018 LD R6 Arroyo Grande Independent SD Foothills CF Aff
Peninsula Invitational 1/19/2018 LD R3 Valencia HS Independent CL Servite PA Aff
Peninsula Invitational 1/19/2018 LD R2 North Hollywood JS Immaculate Heart LM Neg
Peninsula Invitational 1/19/2018 LD R1 La Salle AT Northwood LE Aff
Peninsula Invitational 1/19/2018 LD R1 Pacific Hills AS Northwood KK Neg