Saaj Kulshreshtha Paradigm

Last changed 1/19 9:20P EDT

Hi! Gonna keep this short -

Feel free to do whatever you want in terms of argument style.

I don't care about presentation. For the love of God, don't spend time introducing yourself and thanking everyone for being there. It's annoying. I just want you to make smart arguments.

I hate voting on blippy arguments so if you think something is important and should determine the round, spend time on it in the rebuttals. The 1ar/1nr should write my ballot for me.

It's always a good idea to collapse in the 2nc/1nr. I hate how repetitive the 1nr is becoming so I will be lenient on new args but don't make a billion LBL args.

Reasonably sized overviews are nice, impact framing is critical, and good argument interaction makes you seem smart.

Hate theory debates and I default to reasonability unless really persuaded otherwise. If you're blatantly abusive i think going all-in on theory is okay.

Be organized, tell me how many sheets I need for each speech. Speed is good but make sure you accommodate your opponents first and me second. If I'm not flowing you're probably doing something wrong.

You'll get high speaks if you try to clash instead of shy away to some strategic margin - 1nc's that are just case turns make me happy.

Please don’t make boring arguments. Make me laugh. I’m a game theorist so almost anything you say will be flowed and taken seriously as long as it’s not like racism good.

Run kritiks if you know what you're talking about. I think they're really fun and important debates to be held.

I love you but don't shake my hand. :)

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Peninsula Invitational 1/19/2018 Parli Quar New Roads WW Los Angeles Center For Enriched Studies OS Aff Neg on a 2-1
Peninsula Invitational 1/19/2018 Parli R5 Bishop O'Dowd HM ILEAD TA Neg
Peninsula Invitational 1/19/2018 Parli R3 University HS, Irvine SW Nova 42 HG Aff
Peninsula Invitational 1/19/2018 Parli R2 University HS, Irvine OY New Roads BG Aff