Samantha Lemus Paradigm

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Background Information:

I did policy debate for three years at Downtown Magnets High School (LAMDL). After the Urban Debate National Championship in 2016, I retired from debating and served as a judge for the league. That summer of 2016, I interned at the LAMDL SDI. The following summer, I was a varsity lab assistant. I continue trying to be involved in the debate community as much as possible but have not been as much as I wish due to lack of time.

I am currently a 2nd-year college student but did not continue competing in debate until Fall of 2017. I do IPDA for East Los Angeles College and will be doing Parli along with Speech in Spring of 2018. Aside from being a full-time student, I work full-time at an immigration law firm located in Echo Park as a legal assistant/paralegal.

Judges Preferences:

I am pretty relaxed when it comes to judging. I do not go in to every round with a still perspective -- let your arguments convince me. Period.

Case is the most important debate to me. If you are the affirmative, please do not neglect your case. Cross-apply it as much as possible and use it to your advantage, rather than going up in the 2AC and wasting your time reading 5 new cards that were not necessary had you used your contentions properly.

Speed is perfectly fine with me, so long as you are clear. If clarity is an issue, I give two warnings before I completely stop flowing the entirety of the rest of your speech. Two warnings should be sufficient, in my opinion.

High theory arguments are also fine with me. Personally, I was a more policy-oriented debater, nevertheless I had to become familiarized with high-theory arguments because of the nature of where debate is going, so do not be afraid to run Ks or a Counter Advocacy.

In terms of speaker points, I rank competitors based on clarity, substance of argument, and the way you behave in round. If you are overtly condescending to either your opponent or even your partner, do not anticipate your speaks to be high.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask in round.

Miscellaneous Debate Information:

I do not take prep for flashing, so long as you do not abuse of time. If you are having technical issues, let me know.

I do not take time in round, as I believe you all should be capable of taking your own time as well as keeping an eye on your opponents time. If for whatever reason you need me to take time let me know and I will do so.

I do not need to be added to any email chain, but if you would like to do so my email address is:

As previously stated, I work at an immigration law firm, therefore any xenophobic, classist, racist, or sexist comment will not be tolerated in round. Your speaks and credibility take a huge blow if you are to either make any of those arguments or if you come across as too condescending in round.

Again, if you have any questions in round do not hesitate to ask.

Other than that, please remember that although debate is a competition you should still make time to enjoy yourself. Do not become overwhelmed with the culture of debate. It can be fun, when engaged in properly.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Peninsula Invitational 1/19/2018 LD R6 Harker AD Heritage Oak AZ Aff
Peninsula Invitational 1/19/2018 LD R6 Flintridge Sacred Heart CB Northwood SA Aff
Peninsula Invitational 1/19/2018 LD R5 Northwood LE Gabrielino HS (Independent) MC Neg
Peninsula Invitational 1/19/2018 LD R1 Immaculate Heart LM Notre Dame AB Neg